• About Sesame

    Sesame Seade (her real first name is allegedly Sophie, but 'Sophie Seade' doesn't make any sense, does it?) is an audacious, precocious, slightly obnoxious, roller-skating self-made-superheroine. There are as many connections in her brain as there are stars in the universe, which is the case for everyone, but not everyone uses them to save the world as regularly as she does.

    What are the books like?

    They're pretty funny. According to a rumour, even Professors chuckle when they read them. And Professors are people who only chuckle when they have carefully weighed the pros and cons of chuckling (pro: rush of endorphin to the brain; con: distasteful noise). They're full of action and adventure. They have quite a lot of animals in them, including: ducks, cats, grasshoppers, hornets, hedgehogs, toads, frogs, parents. They've got cool illustrations for eyes to take small breaks before the adventure goes on. They've got puns and jokes and references to things you've never heard of.

    Who are the books for?

    People who are very sad and need cheering up; people who are very happy and need even more happiness; people who are just at normal levels of happiness and want to be entertained. Of course children between 8 and 11 are the most likely to pick it up. But they're also suitable for a lot of other people. For example, people who sneeze in the sun; people who work in banks; people who play the clarinet; people who have more than one dog; people who would like to be better cooks; people who smell bad in the morning; people who don't think it's necessary to carry an umbrella at all times; people whose parents have asked them as Friends on Facebook; people who constantly get their left and right mixed up; people who have dimples on their bumcheeks; people who don't think they'll like the books.

    How many books are there going to be?

    So far, three: Sleuth on Skates, Gargoyles Gone AWOL and Scam on the Cam. The first one takes place on land; the second one takes Sesame to the rooftops; the third one is on the riverside... And all of them have things in them that are not completely Health & Safety conscious.

    And how can one read those cool-sounding books?

    First, one must learn to read, or find someone who can read and ask them nicely if they can read them to one, insisting that they shall enjoy the process very much as they are full of fun and adventure.

    Then, the books can be either bought or borrowed. They can be bought online here (Waterstones),here (Heffers), here (Foyles), here (Amazon), or they can be bought in the actual stores, or in any independent bookstore.

    They can be borrowed from libraries. If they're not there, one can ask the librarian nicely to get them for the library, insisting that it will be for the benefit of everyone as general levels of 'hahaha' and chuckles will be raised and the world will be a slightly happier place. If the librarian objects that the library must remain a quiet place and not one resonating with loud laughs, one can insist that they promise they will be very silent 'hahaha's, of the kind that hurt one's stomach quite a lot more than Toby's dad's cooking (e.g. chicories with lard).

    They can also be borrowed from friends who have them; in which case one must make sure that one's friend will be OK with one snorting one's drink all over the pages from laughter.