• Clementine Beauvais

    Clementine was born in 1989 in Paris, endured six years of being an only child, requested a younger sibling, and obtained one. She then enthusiastically wrote and illustrated stories for the little newcomer, and never stopped. She finished her first novel at nine, sent it to all the publishers in Paris, and obtained very friendly rejection letters.

    Soon after, she became one of the very first diehard Harry Potter fans in France, and, not having the patience to wait for the French translations, ploughed through the new books in English, which made her learn the language at the same time. She applied to Cambridge in 2006 and studied Education and English there, followed by an MPhil and a PhD in Education. Her main fields of study are children's literature criticism and the philosophy of childhood.

    Her first children's books in French were published during her MPhil, in 2010 - she's got five books out in French so far, in different genres and for various ages. One of them is now on the Ministry of Education's list of recommended reading in high school, and another two are supported by Amnesty International.

    Sesame Seade is her debut in English, strongly inspired by her favourite childhood series - Georges Chaulet's Fantomette, Astrid Lindgren's Pippi Longstocking, Herge's Tintin, Anthony Buckeridge's Jennings books... The idea for Sesame came to her during one of her daily walks to the Faculty of Education, when she remarked how cool a playground Cambridge would make for a plucky, witty, slightly obnoxious superheroine.

    She's got a personal website/ blog. It's right here!.

    Clementine is represented by Kirsty McLachlan at David Godwin Associates.