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    Reviews of Sleuth on Skates

    Awfully Big Reviews: This is an absolute treat of a book!... I read quite a lot of 'funny' children's books, and can often get right through such books without a single outward chuckle, and hardly a mouth twitch towards a smile, even when I can appreciate that funny things are being portrayed. This book genuinely had me laughing out loud, and annoying my family by reading bits out to them when they were trying to concentrate on other things.

    Scribbles Book Reviews: This was so funny - I actually laughed out loud in a few places. I just loved the way Sesame talks to her parents, and how exasperated they are with her and her quirkiness... Great for 7-10yr olds who enjoy a bit of comedy and mystery rolled into one.

    Robin Stevens's funny Review-cum-autobiography: It is extraordinarily hilarious. Any fool can make a reader feel sad (imagine a three legged puppy being smacked. See?), but it takes a special talent to make them belly-laugh, and Clementine has that ability in spades. Clementine has created one of the most fantastic girl detectives I've come across in a long time. Girl detectives are one of my favourite things (I even have a couple of my own), but Sesame is exceptionally great. She's despicably smart, slightly mad and totally delightful, and I wish I could meet her in real life so she could bamboozle me with her mind.

    Parents in Touch: Right from the start, the reader realises that in Sesame, they have a really unusual, if not unique, heroine. Her unusual approach to life makes for a hilarious read, with some wonderful use of language.

    Bookwitch: By the end I couldn't put it down. Almost as if I'm no older than about ten, in fact...The plot is fun, the setting is charming, and the writing is simply funny.

    Bookwitch: By the end I couldn't put it down. Almost as if I'm no older than about ten, in fact...The plot is fun, the setting is charming, and the writing is simply funny.

    Manchester Evening News: Cleverly written, this book is lots of fun and young readers will love the twists in the story and Sesame's sassiness.

    Guardian Children's Books: Sleuth on Skates is a very good adventurous book. It's full of mysteries to solve and by working together can Sesame and her friends solve this puzzling mystery? I highly recommend this book, as it is fun and enjoyable!

    Fennell Books: Oh, this is brilliantly good. ... The book is hilarious, and Sesame is clever, brave and ever so slightly bonkers. She has to be one of the best children's detectives that I have read. She has a wide range of skills for getting out of her bedroom unseen and a mischievous streak which would make any child proud. For a children's book there is some really quite advanced vocabulary which is nice to see, but the most wonderful thing about this book, apart from Sesame herself is the fantastic one liners. ... I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this. Kids will love Sesame and her enthusiasm for life, and grown ups should read it to remind them how much fun life is as a kid.

    YA Yeah Yeah: I'm pleased to say that Sesame Seade is absolutely huge FUN with a capital F, U and N! Sesame herself is a brilliantly resourceful heroine who's clever, brave and honest, with a wonderful voice... The book also benefits hugely from the gorgeous illustrations by Sarah Horne. There are lots in each chapter and they're brilliant.

    The Pretty Books: Sleuth on Skates is an ingeniously complex and inventive childrenís novel Ė with excellent foreshadowing! Ė and with a brilliant young protagonist at the forefront. If you think it looks simple and sweet, be warned, as Sesame Seade is sure to have made child Sherlock look like an amateur. If I had to be an 11-year-old again, Iíd want to be as cool, as fearless and as intelligent as Sesame. Itís not often that I find books funny, Iíll be honest, but every page of Sleuth on Skates had me smiling.


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