• Sarah Horne

    Sarah Horne has illustrated many children's books and picturebooks and even pop-up books. Her drawings are zany, quirky, energetic, and completely exactly just right for Sesame. She lives in London. You can read her blog here and follow her on Twitter there.

    Sarah is represented by Kate Johnson at Advocate Arts.

    On illustrating Sesame, Sarah says:

    "You know a book is going to be good when you read a manuscript that features a pregnant duck, a moody cat, evil fish with moustaches, Stephen Hawking, soggy vicars and on top of all of that... is a great big mystery.

    Clementine's writing has that kind of fresh wit and humor that really sneaks up on you. The dialogue is wonderfully sharp and intelligent, and Sesame's inner monologue throughout is just hilarious.

    As an Illustrator, it was interesting (and a first) for me, to combine a character based artwork style with accurate drawings of architecture, usually the kind of drawing reserved only for the sketchbook. It was a lovely opportunity to dust off some real drawing.

    I think the wit, humour and well written characters were a real appeal for me when considering illustrating Sesame Seade. After all, it's not often that you get a brief that gives you room creatively and makes you laugh/rudely snort your coffee from start to finish!

    In short, Sesame Seade has been a real joy and privilege to illustrate."