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    Book 1: Sleuth on Skates

    Armed with a pair of purple rollerskates and a brain with as many connections as there are stars in the universe, eleven-year-old Sesame Seade is more than qualified to be Cambridge's number one self-made supersleuth. All she needs now is a mission. So when a student ballerina and aspiring journalist vanishes into thin air, some serious sleuthing begins. Very much against her parents' wishes, but with help from her friends Toby and Gemma and from a conspiratorial duck, Sesame slips into the wings.

    'The book was extremely funny and mysterious.'Lewis, 9

    'It was so good that I started reading it and did not put it down until I finished it!' Rachel, 9

    'I LOVE this book. I think everyone will love it.' Rosie, 7

    'Very brilliant and amazingly funny.' Zoe, 9

    'I'd like to read more Sesame Seade stories.' Erin, 7

  • Book 2: Gargoyles Gone AWOL

    Sesame Seade, still a secret supersleuth for student tabloid UniGossip, is sent to inspect the roofs of Gonville & Caius College from which gargoyles are mysteriously disappearing. But that's not all she's concerned about: there's also a jigsaw puzzle of a Geography homework to do, a suddenly comatose cat to attend to, and strange fingerprints all over her eucalyptus-scented bedroom. And where did all the mice come from? Sesame Seade is slightly spooked, but with Toby, Gemma, Jeremy and some perilous night-climbing, there's no tricky task she can't tackle.

  • Book 3: Scam on the Cam

    Parents insist that there are no pirates on the river Cam, but Sesame, Toby and Gemma are determined to prove them wrong. There is, after all, a pirate chest tied to a weeping willow somewhere on the bank. And that's not the only thing that's fishy about the river. As the annual Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge approaches, more and more rowers on the Cambridge crew are falling victim to a mysterious illness... It's another mission for Sesame Seade to sail to success.